Repairing A Broken Dryer

Problems associated with your dryer can leave you with several days of laundry to take care of unless you have it repaired fast. The parts to repair a dryer are available at appliance centers. Dryers can be repaired by homeowners when they know what to look out for. We will look at a few common issues with dryers in this article.

Heating Element Problem

You ever tried to dry a load of clothes when the dryer won’t heat to the required temperature? One problem with this is the dryer might be overloaded. Solve it by removing some clothes to see if it corrects the problem.

A heating element will wear out during the lifetime of the dryer. The first suspect is the element when clothes never get hot enough to dry. The heating element isn’t that hard to replace. You can notice if the element is working by turning an empty dryer on for a minute. Open the door to look at the back area of the drum to see if the element is glowing red.

Calling your local appliance center or ordering one on-line is the best way to get the correct element to fit your dryer. They will need model information on the type of appliance you have so they can give you the correct part. Turn the power off to the appliance before removing the rear panel with the connections. Replace the old element with a new one.

Removing Lint

Clogged filter and ductwork are the second major problem associated with a dryer that never heats correctly. People never think about cleaning out the vents on their dryers. This can cause lint to build over time inside the machine. It will eventually cause the dryer to stop functioning correctly.

Lint built up inside the unit can increase the risk of a fire. Keep the vents cleaned once a week to stop this. The dryer ductwork needs cleaning at least once a year for safety. Locate where the ductwork leads out of the house from the dryer. Remove the vent pipe from the dryer first by disconnecting it. You can remove the vent cap on the outside to gain more access to the pipe.

A vent cleaning kit can be purchased at most hardware or home department stores. This tool has a brush with flexible attachments that are connected to a drill to remove lint from the interior pipe.

Drum Won’t Spin

A third problem could be associated with the drum not spinning. You can suspect a broken or worn belt when the dryer turns on but the drum doesn’t spin. You can repair it by removing the rear panel. Remove the old belt to order a replacement part. Route the new belt as instructed on the carton directions.

Unless the belt has broken, the problem could be a faulty motor. You can check the motor with a multi-meter. Stet the device to the Rx1 setting. Use the probes of the meter to touch the terminals for continuity. The reading should be close to zero or on zero. Check the ground connection by placing one probe on a terminal with the other probe touching the motor housing. The problem is a faulty motor if either of the tests fails.

Doing It Yourself At Home

You can repair a broken dryer with some basic knowledge. The parts to repair a dryer are inexpensive when you do the work on your own. Eliminating a service call can help save you money. Fixing the machine can save money spent on the purchase of a new one.