How SMS Marketing Service Works

SMS marketing system, also known as text advertising is one of the oldest ways of digital marketing but is it so effective that businesses are still using it today to generate sales and increase customer loyalty. If you are interested in this marketing strategy and want to know more about it, keep reading to find about how it works and why you should apply it to your business.

What is SMS Marketing Service?

It is a technique that consists of delivering promotional messages to customers and subscribers, it lets you send text messages to an individual or group of persons. The main goal of this technique is to build a database of subscribers and increase customer loyalty.

How Does SMS Marketing Service Work?

The strategy is a pretty simple and affordable process that consists of only two steps. The first one is to enable your customers to opt-in to receive your promotional messages via SMS. SMS campaigns revolve around a shortcode, all the customers who want to join the campaign will receive a welcome message with the shortcode. For example, a company that wants to promote its deals an engage with customers might promote this type of message through flyers and banners: Text “MONEY” to (479) 3333-333 to get special promotions and find out about the latest deals. After the subscriber texts the keyword, the company will freely send messages to him.

Other ways that customers can opt-in for your text advertising strategy are to fill a web form on your website or fill out a paper form. After that, the company will send an automatic message back that is customizable so it is important to work hard on that message to make it attractive to customers. You can welcome the subscribers with a special discount or a summary of your company and what it offers. You can either use a platform or pay a programmer to build the custom texting program. It is important to send more messages to the customer but not too many, and focus on growing your list of subscribers. Build content that is valuable and can increase your brand’s awareness and customer loyalty.

About 60% of consumers prefer SMS marketing than email marketing or push-notification service. The text advertising strategy is suitable for companies that don’t have a lot of budgets but want to increase customer engagement. If you have a small business and want to grow your audience try the SMS marketing service.