How Lemon Law Works

Vehicles are essential elements of your daily life as they enhance our movement between places. When purchasing your car, it’s vital to ensure that it efficiently serves you and enhances convenience. However, spending more hours and cash in the garage becomes very stressful while repairing your new car. Thankfully, the California Lemon Law provides the appropriate solution to this sour deal if you’re going through this problem. Read through the article to understand more about the law and how it works.

What is Lemon Law?

In California, the lemon law is a specific law that covers consumers against dealers or manufacturers who sell vehicles with serious malfunctions or defects. It states that if you’ve got a car with persisting mechanical defects even after several attempts by the manufacturers, you’re entitled to a total refund or replacement of the same value vehicle. Importantly, it’d be good to understand that the manufacturer will only replace or refund your vehicle during the warranty duration.

How Does the Lemon Law Work?

It’s good to understand that your vehicle must meet the necessary conditions when seeking protection from the California lemon law. These conditions may include; all repair attempts or mechanical issues should arise within 18 months after purchasing your vehicle or before attaining 18000 miles. The law will restrict vehicles you’ve exclusively used off-road or you’ve designed for human habitation.

After meeting the requirements, this law requires the manufacturer to replace or refund the vehicle after several failed attempts to repair severe malfunctions or defects. The defects may have impacted the vehicle’s safety, value, and overall use. It’s good to understand that manufacturers will only replace or refund your vehicle after two or more unsuccessfully repairing a particular warranty issue.

If your car qualifies for this lemon law, it’ll be good to take action and resolve the issue immediately. The manufacturer will refund or replace the car after checking all the information on various important details. These details may include rental car or towing expenses, completed repairs, dates when the vehicle has been out of target.

Therefore, it’ll be important to keep track of these records before seeking refunds or replacements. Importantly, you can choose to hire an attorney specializing in lemon law to guide you through the process.

Wrapping Up

Having a continuously faulty car is usually one of the most stressful things for any car owner. You’ll have to spend more resources and time repairing these malfunctions to ensure you get a convenient vehicle. However, the emergence of the California lemon law has been a great relief to most consumers or buyers. This law requires manufacturers or dealers to replace your new car after they’ve had several attempts to repair its malfunctions fail. However, your car needs to meet the requirements to guarantee a replacement or refund.

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