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Help: Saved Searches

Using the Saved Searches tools provided on this site, you can construct URLs that will automatically run a query you have designed. The URLs use the CURRDATE function to specify dynamic date ranges such as "Last 24 Hours," "Previous Week," and "Previous Month."

Before You Start

Saved Searches Using Group Files

Use this tool to created saved searches across broad group files such as "Major Newspapers." Note the "Go" button next to the Group File dropdown box. It will open the LexisNexis Academic Power Search form with the specified group file selected and ready to be searched. See the "Query Design Tips" below for more techniques to help you build a good query.

Saved Searches Using Single Sources

This tool allows you to save a search against an individual publication such as a particular newspaper, magazine, or journal. Please note that there is no way to combine individual sources in a saved search.

Unlike the Group Files Saved Searche tool, it is not necessary to use a query string when building a saved search here. The combination of a specific source and a narrow date range is specific enough to produce a manageable result set. After you have specied the source, you'll see Yes/No options for "Use query string." Choose No in order to create a search based only on source and date. This approach will allow you to approximate a table of contents report that shows all article published by the source during the date range.

See the "Query Design Tips" below for more techniques to help you build a good query.

Query Design Tips

Constructing a good query for a saved search will almost certainly involve some trial and error. The best tool for refining your query is LexisNexis Academic itself. When you test a URL that you have built on this site, LexisNexis Academic will almost always give you the opportunity to "Edit Search." Use this feature to return to the Power Search form and make adjustments to your query string. Here are a few important techniques for building a query in Power Search:

  • Read the "How Do I ... learn about advanced search features?" tips using the link at the right of the Power Search page.
  • Use the "Search within Document Sections" feature at the bottom of the page to do fielded searching.
  • If you add index terms using the pop-up "Add keywords" tool on the Power Search form, they will appear in a separate box. Use the TERMS segment to incorporate them in your query string, for example: TERMS(PHARMACEUTICALS PATENTS).

Once you have your seach working properly in LexisNexis Academic, copy the query string from the Power Search form and paste it into the query box on the Saved Searches tool on this site.

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